Club Policies

Child Protection

Newmarket on Fergus GAA club is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who participate in the activities of the club.  We will do this by taking all practical steps to protect young club members from all forms of abuse, from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and by respecting their rights, wishes and feelings.

To ensure that the best practice is followed by this club we shall work closely with the Clare County Board and follow the guidelines as laid down in the Child Welfare and Protection Policy Statement as drawn up by the GAA:

  • Recognise that all children have the right to be protected from harm
  • Respect the rights, wishes, and feelings of all children in our club
  • Ensure that all our coaches and volunteers are chosen with care and are made aware as to their responsibility for the wellbeing of children in their care.
  • Respond swiftly and appropriately to safeguard the welfare of children who participate in our games and related activities by having clear reporting procedures
  • Provide parents/guardians and children with the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have through a complaints procedure.
  • Appoint a Children Officer in the Club
  • Appoint a Designated Person in the Club who will liaise with the statutory authorities and with the GAA County Designated Person, as deemed appropriate
  • Ensure that allegations of abuse of young people are confidentially dealt with in accordance with the Guidelines for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse as published by the GAA, and with  statutory guidelines and relevant legislation
  • Review the effectiveness of our Child Protection procedures and policies on an on-going basis
  • Ensure that all our coaches, mentors and club officers are Garda Vetted.
  • Ensure that coaches, team mentors, and club officers sign up to and adhere to the GAA Code of Behaviour.

Newmarket on Fergus (One Club) Children’s Officer: – Marie Louise Kaiser 086 8328126.

Our Code
You can find some useful information here in the following links in relation to the code of practice adopted by Newmarket on Fergus GAA club.

GAA Codes

Data Protection

The following Privacy Information is being provided to you as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation. It is intended to inform you of how the Personal Information provided on this form will be used, by whom and for what purposes. If you are unclear on any aspect of this form, or want any further information, please contact the GAA ASSOCIATIONS Data Protection Officer.
Who is the data controller?
The Club and the GAA Associations are Joint Data Controllers of the Personal Data and contact details for the Club are as follows:
Cora Caithlín GAA, Newmarket on Fergus (
Who is the Data Protection Officer for the GAA ASSOCIATION’S and the Club? Our Club Data Protection Officer can be contact at You can contact our associations
Data Protection as follows if you have any questions or wish to make any request in relation to your Personal Data.
GAA – | LGFA – | Camogie –

What is the purpose of processing my Personal Data?
The purpose for processing your Personal Data is that it is necessary for the performance of a contract in order to register and maintain your membership with the Club and the GAA ASSOCIATION’S. The purpose is also to keep you informed of GAA ASSOCIATION’S events and fundraisers. We will only use your personal data for this second purpose if you have provided your explicit consent for this by ticking the boxes on this form and signed below those boxes.

Will anyone else receive a copy of my Personal Data?
Your Personal Data can be accessed by certain members of the County Boards, Provincial Boards and National Administrative function in Croke Park. This will be done in accordance with our data protection policy only. In the event of an injury claim, details of your claim which will include your Personal Data will be passed to the GAA ASSOCIATION’S’s Injury Fund Administrator.

Where is your Personal Data stored?
Your data will be stored electronically on the GAA ASSOCIATION’S Membership Database which is provided by Servasport Ltd, 11th Floor, Causeway Tower, 9A James Street South, Belfast, BT2 8DN.

Who is Servasport Limited?
Servasport Limited is a “data processor” who hosts the database on which your information is stored. We have a contract in place with Servasport Limited to ensure your Personal Data is stored safely and securely.
How long will your Personal Data be stored for? Your Personal Data will be held for the duration of your Membership and it will be deleted by us in the event that you resign your Membership or you are expelled in accordance with the Official Guide. However we may retain your Personal Data after your Membership ceases if we decide that it is strictly necessary to do so in the circumstances in accordance with our data retention policy which can be found on our website. (

How can I obtain a copy of the Personal Data held by the Club/GAA ASSOCIATION’S?
You have the right to request a copy of all of your Personal Data and can do so by contacting us. This information will be provided to you within one month.

What are my privacy rights relating to my Personal Data?
You have the right to have your Personal Data updated, rectified, or deleted if you so wish. You have the right to object to your Personal Data being processed and to withdraw your consent to processing. You can do so by
contacting us by e-mail at

Where can I get further information?
Further information regarding your rights can be obtained through the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Canal House, Station Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois, or on the website

How do I make a complaint or report a breach?
Should you wish to make a complaint or report a breach under in relation to your Personal Data, you can do so by emailing the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner using the following email address:

Membership Payments – Direct Debit

If you have availed of the membership instalment payment option, please be aware that failure to pay your membership subscription(s) in full may result in your membership and its entitlements being withdrawn. 


CLG Cora Chaitlín Medical Policy

Membership to CLG Cora Chaitlín must be paid by January 1st.
 If you have not paid your membership you are not eligible to
train, play or take part in any games or club activities. Only paid
up members are covered by The GAA Injury Scheme for injury sustained
during training or matches.

When a player is
injured at any official GAA training or matches:

• They should IMMEDIATELY inform
the Manager AND the Club Injury Officer or Club Secretary. And
complete the online “Notice of Injury form”

• If medical attention is required,
this should be sought immediately.

• The Club Injury Officer will keep an
ongoing record of all incidents reported to them.

• Once injured, a player must not
resume training / matches until fully fit. Returning to active duty prematurely
may lead to refusal by the Administrators to pay out for a subsequent related

• Players with injuries which may
require medical expenses and/or possible absence from work MUST ensure
the appropriate GAA Injury Scheme portal is completed by the club within 45
days of the injury.  The Club Injury Officer will liaise with the Club
Secretary and ensure the forms are submitted as soon as possible.
 Outstanding documentation such as receipts or medical letters can be
forwarded at a later date. Any person not doing this will NOT be
eligible for reimbursement of expenses from the GAA Injury Scheme or CLG Cora
Chaitlin. Incidents brought to the attention of the club after 60 days cannot
be sent to the GAA Injury Scheme.

• A copy of the Referee’s Report must
accompany each claim. If a player is injured during a match it MUST be
brought to the attention of the referee at the end of the game so that it is in
the referees report. A referees report for a match or a Managers
report from a training session is required. For a claim to proceed to the GAA
Injury Scheme there must be a record of when and where the incident occurred.
If an incident is not reported to the match referee then a claim cannot
be put forward to the GAA Injury Scheme, and the Club will not be held
accountable for any medical expenses on foot of the incident. It is the
sole responsibility of the injured player/parent to ensure the initial
incident/injury is recorded.

• Hurling claims are covered only if
the player is wearing an approved helmet. This applies to official and
challenge games and training sessions.

• There is no cover for injuries
sustained at unauthorised/unofficial competitions or training sessions.

Players and Mentors should take all reasonable precautions to ensure
injuries are minimised (e.g. mandatory wearing of helmets, mouth guard and
appropriate footwear).


should attend either:-

• Their own G.P.

• Shannon Doc 1850 212999 

• Accident and Emergency. Players are
reminded that attending Accident and Emergency with a referral letter from
their G.P. or Shannon Doc will reduce waiting times and will incur only the
cost of the G.P. visit.


CLG Cora Chaitlín agree to reimburse players G.P.
fee/Shannon Doc fee (receipt required) for players injured at either
official GAA training/matches, when appropriate receipts are presented to
the club injury officer. The Accident and Emergency Department charge (€75)
will be paid in full only where it was deemed necessary to attend A&E
directly and only where it cannot be reclaimed from your own insurance.


CLG Cora Chaitlin will only reimburse fees to access the public health
service. If a player opts themselves to attend a private Health Clinic
(e.g. The Galway Clinic) then CLG Cora Chaitlín will only reimburse the
equivalent Emergency Department charge (i.e. €100). Players with private
medical insurance may have cover to attend some of these clinics, but it is
each player’s responsibility to consult their own policy and perhaps contact
the clinic prior to attending.  For players wishing to claim against the
GAA Injury Scheme and who also have private health insurance (VHI, Laya etc.),
a claim must be made to your private insurance before claiming against the GAA
Injury Scheme.  If the private policy covers the claim then that
is the end of the matter. However if there is excess on the private
policy, which exceeds the claim, then the GAA Injury Scheme will accept the
claim. A statement of account outlining their position on the claim will be
required from the private health insurer if you wish to claim through the GAA


• Please note that Physiotherapy
is NOT generally covered under the GAA Injury Scheme.

• Physiotherapy is ONLY covered
under the scheme following a surgical procedure and if an integral part of
recovery as recommended by the surgeon (max €320 allowed).

• Subject to the prior approval of the
Club Medical Officer and Team Manager, injured players are required to attend
the Club Physiotherapist Mr John Earls for injury assessment. Any bills must be
settled in full by the player in the first instance. The Club will refund
the player on submission of a receipt in the following manner.


1st Visit 100% to a maximum of €60

4 subsequent to a maximum of €30



NOTE: Any player undergoing treatment or concerned about any aspect of
the treatment (e.g. surgery) should contact the Club Injury Officer
immediately, who will advise of the most prudent course of action. All players
should familiarise themselves with the GAA Injury Policy ( and review its features, benefits and exclusions.



 It will be assumed that players and the parents of juvenile
players training with the club and putting themselves forward for team
selection are familiar with the Players’ Injury Scheme and our Club Medical
Policy. The GAA Scheme is NOT an insurance scheme.  It is a benefit
scheme for the purpose of giving an injured player a “dig out” if they have no
other recourse for their medical expenses.


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