Coaches Admin Guide 2024

Please contact the following in relation to Field Roster

Hurling Senior – Secretary
Hurling Underage – Underage Chairman
Camogie – Camogie Chairperson
Ladies Football – LGFA Chairperson

Pitch  Layout

Field Roster Calendar (Live)

All Players and Coaches must be registered for the 2024 membership year before taking to the field.

Paying Membership and Registration are not directly linked so please allow time for the back end registration to take place after a membership payment has been completed. This can take several days.

You are advised to plan and ensure your team is registered in advance of taking to the field.

Foireann – This is the GAA registration site where all members and teams are registered. Coaches will have access to this tool as you are a member of the GAA but also if you have elevated privileges for Team management. This is where a coach can see if a player is registered for the current season. 

Here is an example of a Youth Player registered for 2022 which will be located to the right of the players name in the Team Group Listing. That will change this year to 2024. 


Here are some other useful links:

1. Adding people to a Team 
2. Downloading and Printing Team Sheets

In line with GPDR legal requirements, our Club will cease using WhatsAPP as a means of Communication. As previously advertised, we are moving our communications to ClubZap Communication and Membership Payments.

What next?

Some coaches will have noticed members requesting access to certain Chat groups which the Admin can Accept or Reject the request. Additionally we would encourage all coaches to start adding players (Over 18) and/or parents or guardians to the required team chat groups. If you cannot locate a person in the search list, try by first name and match the last 4 digits of the phone number from your prior whatsapp list. If your still unable to locate the person then you may need to check if they registered with the new APP. Only persons who have registered for the APP can be added to a Chat Group

Open Chat Feature has been disabled by default. Coaches need to determine if this is beneficial for his/her Chat Group. This feature should only be considered for Adult Only Groups where no undergage member exists.

How does a parent or guardian contact the coach is open chat is disabled?
– Each group participant can communicate with a Group Chat Admin directly (in private)

Training and Match Events should be communicated via the Create the Event Tool Responses will function normally even with the Open Chat Feature Disabled , keep Group Noise to a minimum and gather all responses for a coach in a single place.


Garda Vetting

This is required for any member who has any role or association with underage members in our club.

Short Version : 

Login into your account, click on “Profile”, click on “Qualification and Vettting” and follow the instructions from here.

Long: Version can be found here:

Child Safe Guarding:
Safeguarding 1 certs obtained through another Sporting Organisation or LSP cannot be uploaded onto Foireann. Under our policy, you must also complete the online Refresher ( which will appear on your Foireann, and a copy of your LSP cert should be provided to your Club Childrens Officer in addition to this.

Our Safeguarding Training Policy may be viewed here on page 41:

APP Learning Center

Encourage those members who are renewing to click on the link emailed from ClubZap. Those member who have not yet renewed will receive an email every Friday with a reminder. Using the link provided is the fastest to renew and avoids you have having the re-enter all your personal data. Finally, note that the email is sent to the individual who processed the previous years membership.