Turkey Trot To Put Club Back On Solid Footing

2017 may not begin until January 1st but our new year commences on St Stephen’s Day.

In a year in which we lost Ali, Bowie, Prince, Ducksie Walsh and many more greats, we as a club almost lost something very special to us, our senior status. 2016 was also the year of the underdog; Trump, Brexit, Leicester City, Chicago Cubs, the O’Donovans and closer to home, Ballyea.

CLG Cora Chaitlín is now the underdog. On St Stephen’s Day we’re hitting the roads on a Turkey Trot that may not seem like a major event to many but to us it will signal the start of a new era. Registration is at 10am on Monday with the trot starting at 11am sharp. Hot drinks will be served afterwards.

Make sure you’re right beside us be it walking or trotting for 4/6km as we stand side by side and ready to start afresh.

To paraphrase one of the underdogs of 2016 ‘It’s time to make our club great again’.

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