Go Beyond The Blue Door

Down through the years, it has been said that certain people would go through a brick wall for the betterment of our club.

Now we’re not asking you to start preparing to do this but instead to put suitable items through our newly designed Blue Door at Fr Murphy Memorial Park.

All types of clothing, bedlinen (except duvets and pillows), shoes, runners, boots, handbags, towels and curtains in any condition are more than welcome for the Clobber. For more information or assistance please contact Secretary Concepta O’Connor (086 825 3097). All funds from the Cash for Clobber will go towards repaying the costs of our newly installed defibrillator.

Our good friends and supporters at Halpin’s Garage are allowing us to use the back of their premises on the Limerick Rd as the dropping point for the Scrap Metal. Here any bit of farm machinery, gates, coal bunkers, wheelbarrows, old cars, clothes lines and similar items will be suitable. If you may have something of interest but are unable to drop off the goods we will be able to ease the pressure and collect from your home.

If you need us to bring the scrap to Halpin’s, please contact one of the following volunteers who are willing to do the drop-off on our behalf;
Jimmy Clancy (086 014 9812)
Jim O’Leary (086 833 2692)
John O’Connor (087 413 8209)
James McInerney (087 945 0578)
Jim O’Neill (087 820 8030)
Mikey Jones (086 812 9101)
John Fitzgerald (086 375 6591)
Pat Lynch (087 667 3663)
Freddy McInerney (086 224 5157)
Seanie McMahon (086 888 9244).

Thank you for your continued support.

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