Traffic Management For Games In NOF

CLG Cora Chaitlín is advising patrons attending Clare SHC & IHC games at Fr Murphy Memorial Park this weekend that certain areas have been allocated for parking.

On Sunday at 12pm Ruan and Parteen face off in the Clare IHC at Fr Murphy Memorial Park. This is followed by the senior clash between Wolfe Tones and O’Callaghans Mills at 1:45pm.

Stewards will be assisting the flow of traffic outside the club grounds with O’Rourke’s Field the recommended place for parking, this is located directly opposite the main field. Bollards are in place all along one side of the road so we ask players, mentors, officers and supporters to co-operate with our volunteers on the streets.

Residents in Goodwood, Gleann Córa and on the Ballycar Rd are asked to be conscious of these games taking place so plan in advance of your journeys.

Wishing all four teams the best of luck.

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