Predict The Future & Win €250

We’re running a new fundraiser that gives you the opportunity to win €250.

The Premier League Predictor run by CLG Cora Chaitlín gets participants to select one team that will win, one team that will draw and one that will lose in each gameweek. You can only pick a team once for each option during the challenge in a particular week.

By predicting the right outcome, you earn ten points. The person with the most points at the start of October wins €250. If there is a tie a draw will determine who is the overall winner.

Entry fee is €10 with Friday August 18th the deadline for all submissions. Forms are available from all underage hurlers and adult hurlers in the club, these forms include all details from the six weeks of the Premier League that the competition is running with fixtures provided allowing plenty of time to study and analyse before you make your vital decision. An involvement in this fundraiser is also a very interesting way to follow the start of the new PL season.

All funds raised will go towards the benefit of the club so all support would be greatly appreciated.

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