Snoop On The Hunt For Club Sliotars

Training is where skills are honed, mistakes are made that are then worked on for upcoming games, some of these blunders are more evident in shooting drills done where you will see some inaccurate shots on target.

This can result in sliotars flying in all directions away from the goals, over nets and behind neighbouring walls. Sliotar prices are continuing to escalate so we’re very thankful for the services of Snoop Pender.

So far in 2017, Snoop has retrieved more than one hundred and fifty sliotars for our club. While on the hunt he has even shown more pace than his owner, Oisin. He can be seen in action next weekend (Oct 7) representing our Junior Bs in the championship final, Oisin that is and not Snoop.

Snoop’s exploits remind us of the McCarthy clan who in their younger days pounced on sliotars that went missing. Fortunately Snoop is returning the sliotars to the club, the same cannot be said for Ronan, Owen, Conor or Ciara!

Well done to Snoop who accompanied by Joe is playing a blinder. Be sure to say hello if you spot them in action.


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