Our modern world may increasingly be lived out on smartphones but no matter how amazing, every post on Facebook or Twitter is quickly superseded by another. There’s no time to scroll back through what happened last week as new memes and cat videos flood in every hour. Against all that the Tradrai is a very different proposition. Packed with great writing and photos of local relevance, it may not go viral in the outside world but it’s of great interest to those of us who live right here. It’s on paper and you can enjoy it immediately or over the course of a few weeks. Maybe when you’re finished it’ll wind up in the recycling bin. But that would be most unwise. Believe me when i say that if you store it away safely, it will be at its most fascinating when you come across it again ten years from now. Or twenty or thirty. Buy one now from all local shops. Or else buy two. Because like the man on the radio says… stock is limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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