Underage Return to Play Update

What next?
In the coming weeks activity will return to GAA pitches all over the country. They are but the first tentative steps in Ireland’s easing of restrictions north and south, and they are dependent on virus numbers being manageable, but for the first time in a long time, there is hope again. April 26th is the expected date when the underage are expected to return. 

So Let’s Get Ready

So now we must get ready. Coaches are actively planning the return to play and will be in contact via Clubzap. This will include the return date and times for each individual team in addition to Covid-19 return to play protocols and information to help keep us safe. So this means we must also register our members to ensure they are insured before returning to the field. 

The best way to register for 2021

For those who were members in 2021: Clubzap has been sending an email every Friday to the persons email address who paid the membership fee in 2020. Included in this email is a personal link for your registration and we recommend that you use this link to register for 2021. This will avoid you having to re-enter all your personal data again for you and/or your family. So we recommend you renew your membership this way as its the fastest way to get your ready for return to play.

New Members are always welcome and with the Phase 1 and Phase 2 complete, there is no better time to join such a great club.

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