VIDEO: O’Leary The Leader

A fantastic feature from the WGPA, ‘Behind The Player’ takes an in-depth look at our very own, Carol O’Leary.

For those who don’t know Carol, she has played all levels for the club in both camogie and ladies football, similarly she has worn her county colours in both codes at numerous grades and is a current starter on the Clare senior camogie team. The dedication required by modern day inter-county players has been well documented and on top of these commitments, Carol is also the Chairperson of our Ladies Football Club and spearheaded the organisation of the club’s first ever Academy last year.

Her passion for the club cannot be questioned and we are very happy to see this refreshing feature by the WGPA which looks at camogie players who don’t receive as much recognition as some of the ‘high-profile stars’.

There is a strong club link in the clip with contributions from Jane O’Leary, Jenny Kelly, Gemma McInerney, Alan Barrett, Megan Bourke (wife of Neil Ryan) and Chloe Morey. For those about to flag a mistake that Chloe was included in the list, she plays her ladies football with Newmarket!

Watch the video below and keep up the excellent work Carol, a true Blue.

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