Marie-Louise Is Moving On

Marie-Louise Kaiser is stepping down from her role as Chairperson of the Newmarket-on-Fergus camogie club after six years in the position.

Few arrivals in the wide-ranging and fascinating history of Newmarket-on-Fergus have been been as prominent as the Kaiser clan who first took up residence in the parish in 1996. Needless to say we as a club have reaped enormous benefit since then; Martin has been heavily involved behind the scenes with his stint as Chairperson of the Ladies Football Club concluding in 2015, his work as Registrar has also been second to none.

Ruth, Iris, Carol and Niki have been central to the success of camogie and ladies football teams in our club. Between them they have a combined twenty one senior camogie championships. It’s not just the medals as they’ve made countless friendships and memories over the years.

Then of course there’s Marie-Louise, the spine of the family and for many years the spine of our camogie club. It started with bandages, arnica, ice packs and lucozade sport as her first-aid experience healed many a bruise and cut. As the years progressed, so too did the amount of first-aid bags and thankfully she always had one of her girls by her side to help carry them.

An honest individual, ML is never one to shy away from the facts. her knowledge of rules and regulations has quietened many members of our Executive. She is not one to seek publicity or the limelight and the chances of this author getting a call to complain about this article are high but this is about acknowledging the work of a brilliant club person. So thanks Marie-Louise for all you have done for CLG Cora Chaitlín, we are confident due to your love of the club that this won’t be the end, thankfully!

Officers like Marie-Louise are needed to ensure our club stays vibrant and successful. New personnel are always needed, on November 11th the AGM of our camogie club takes place and this is an ideal opportunity for volunteers to come forward and give their bit to the club.

Marie-Louise will continue in her role as Fixtures Secretary of Clare Camogie, we wish her continued success in this, thanks for everything ML.

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