Great Teams Are Not Just On The Field

This Sunday is the deadline for nomination of officers and submission of motions for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of CLG Cora Chaitlín which takes place on November 26th at 5pm.

Each year we’re looking for fresh ideas to be brought to the table and subsequently new personnel. Thoughts may be circulating in your own mind about getting involved, the below officer descriptions may give you a better understanding of what each role entails. The name of the incumbent officer is listed beside each role, this is so you can associate certain people in the club with what they have been doing and not to put you off running.

Chairperson/Cathaoirleach – Freddy McInerney
The Chairperson is the principal officer of a GAA Club. As well as chairing Club Executive Committee and other Club meetings, the Chairperson has prime responsibility for ensuring that the Club is a well organised, well managed and an active unit. The Chairperson should be dedicated to the job, have good communication skills, have the ability to delegate key tasks and above all, be a person of integrity in the community. The contribution of the Club Chairperson to the effective working of a Club can never be underestimated.
Requirements: stay calm in the midst of a storm

Vice Chairperson/Leas-Cathaoirleach – Seanie McMahon
The vice-chairperson will preside as chairperson of Club meetings in the event of the chairperson being unable to attend.
Requirements: a sounding board for the Chair and make sure they don’t get blown away in a storm

Secretary/Runaí – Concepta O’Connor
The Secretary is the chief administrator in the Club. The duties are many and varied and call for a high degree of dedication. The Secretary has more to do with the practical running of the Club than any other officer. He/she should be a good organiser, be methodical and above all, be reliable. The duties dovetail with those of the Chairperson and it is essential that both officers work as a team of which the Secretary will very often be the more active person.
Requirements: always have a phone charger and clipboard at hand

Asst Secretary/Leas-Runaí – Kenneth Arthur
Assists the secretary with their duties, manages the pitch roster ensuring each team gets equal access of facilities and organising traffic procedures outside Fr Murphy Memorial Park.
Requirements: multi-tasking, keeping everyone happy

Treasurer/Cisteoir – Jimmy Clancy
The Club Treasurer has responsibility for the safe-keeping of the funds of the Club. He/she is responsible for recording all income and expenditure and for reporting on the financial position of the Club to the Club Executive Committee on an on-going basis. It is important to note that the Treasurer does not have to be a mathematical genius to perform this role. However, he/she must have the ability to record all financial transactions, control expenditure in the Club, plan and assist in fundraising and provide regular reports to the Club Executive.
Requirements: ability to count or use a calculator, cannot be a shopping addict

Asst Treasurer/Leas-Cisteoir – Brian Clancy
Co-operates with the Treasurer in managing the club accounts. Part of the Lotto Committee which is the club’s main source of income, along with fellow committee members distributes the weekly results.
Requirements: have no plans on a Monday night

Public Relations Officer/Oifigeach Cumarsáide – Páraic McMahon
Communications is one of the most important activities in the Association. The success of all units depends to some degree on the national and local image of the Association. Everyone in the GAA who has a role in their Club, no matter how small, has a part to play in effective communication. There is always a need for a proper flow of information in the Club so that everyone understands how the Club operates. The main function of the Club PRO is to communicate with the general public on behalf of the Club, presenting a positive image of the Club and Cumann Lúthchleas Gael in the local community and beyond.
Requirements: thick skin

Games Development Officer/Forbairt an Cluichí – Liam Clancy
The main role of the Coaching and Games Officer is to promote best practice in coaching and games development in the Club, helping to ensure that there is a regular programme of games for all players. This is one of the most important officer roles in the Club and each Club should appoint a suitable person to the position. The coaching and games officer should work closely with the Club Chairperson and the Club Executive to help put in place the best possible coaching and games development structures for the Club. He/she should ensure that all Club coaches have received the appropriate GAA Coach Education training and that Club coaches use all available resources.
Requirements: knows how to stare into a crystal ball

Registrar/Cláraitheoir – Ken Tucker
Each Club is required in have a Registrar on the Club Executive, in accordance with rule 7.2 of the Club constitution. The Club Registrar is responsible for ensuring that the Club is up to date in the registration of players and members. Each year, a Club must complete two registrations i.e. the registration of Full and Youth members and the registration of players in accordance with rule 2.2 and 2.3 of the Official Guide.x
Requirements: a love for data protection but not gossip

Childrens Officer/Cosanta Leanaí – Sinead Keogh (appointed position)
All Clubs must appoint a Designated Person who on behalf of the Club shall be responsible for dealing with any concerns relating to the possible abuse of children. This is a compulsory position in the Club. Designated Persons must have the ability to approach child welfare and protection matters in a sensible, balanced, facilitative and non threatening manner and should be aware of the responsibilities that they are required to fulfil on behalf of their Club/County and the GAA. The person chosen must be fully aware as to how allegations of abuse referred by them are subsequently dealt with by statutory agencies and authorities within their jurisdiction and how reports to the GAA National Designated Person are processed. It is important to note that the Designated Person does not have a counselling or therapeutic role or a responsibility for investigating or validating child protection concerns within their Club or County.
Requirements: calming influence, good with kids

Scór – Siobhán Conway
The main role of the Scór officer is to promote the use of the Irish language and to promote cultural activities such as Irish music and dancing in the Club. The position should be filled by someone who has a good working knowledge of the Irish language.
Requirements: strong links with parish schools, capable of doing the Riverdance

Co Board Delegate/Bórd an Chondae – Pat Corry
Represents the club at meetings of the County Board. If necessary brings the views of the club to the county stage and part of the club delegation at the County Convention held in December of each year.
Requirements: transportation (taxi) to make meetings, cannot be a loud snorer

Park Development Officer/Forbairt an Páirce – Damian Hogan
Compiles accurate and detailed plans on ways to improve facilities and club grounds. Examines current structures finding areas to improve on.
Requirements: vision, ability to listen to feedback on current facilities

Field Maintenance Officer/Oifigeach Cothabhála – Cathal Conway
Liaises with the groundsman to ensure our playing surfaces are in top condition for training and matches. Carries out any necessary repairs on the grounds.
Requirements: able to hammer a nail, can DIY

Bord na nÓg Chairman/Cathaoirleach – Diarmuid O’Leary
Appointing managements for all underage teams in the club, overseeing the development of teams in this category and liaising with parents on issues they may have.
Requirements: find the Newmarket version of Brian Cody

Bord na nÓg Secretary/Runai – Brendan Ryan
Works in tandem with the BnÓg Chair, provides template of team sheets for all underage mentors. Notifies mentors of coaching courses so that they can better their skills.
Requirements: capable of forwarding emails

Chair of Adult Hurling/Forbairt an Iománaíocht – Mike Clancy
Responsible for providing resources to all adult hurling management teams, conducts review of each adult team at the conclusion of their campaign, put forward players for regarding.
Requirements: honesty and a hurling brain, can channel their inner Ger Loughnane


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