U10’s Hurling is back

Our U10’s dodged Ciara and then Dennis but they persisted and got there wish of coming out to play on Saturday afternoon in Stonehall NS whom we would like to thank for making the venue available.

The opening of the season started with a league format that will be played out in the coming weeks.

The player must strike on the side the ball comes or a penalty is awarded to the other team.
Referees and Coaches must undertake an eye test at the 2nd round following the first round review.

Scoring: Goal(s) + Points for striking a moving ball (1 point for each).
The judge’s decision is final.
No appeals process.

Well done to the U10’s who lined out below.

Wexford 45 pts (5/40) v Cork 51 pts (7/44)
Limerick 57 pts (12/45) v Kilkenny 51 pts (7/44).
Tipp 55 pts (13/42) v Waterford 50 pts (10/40).

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