Steps – Leader Board Sunday 7th – Update

On June 3rd, we had 15 registered for this Health and Well Being  initiative.

Top place changed hands twice today with Siobhan Marren resuming the lead ahead of Seanie Mc Mahon and with Stephanie O’Brien in tow right behind.

Today we have 66 accumulating steps for our club. 

 It is not too late to get involved 

Steps for the whole month of June are counted.

 Download the APP today

Start walking today 

You’ll feel better from the first steps.

If you’re finding it hard to get off the sofa or to get worries out of your head, the answer is simpler than you think: Walking. It’s the easiest way to get moving, get active and get happy. You don’t need any gear, or to pay any fees – you just need to commit time and effort throughout your week.

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