U8 – U10 – U12 Keepy Uppy Challenge

Our Regular Monthly Skills Challenge is now going Online with Covid 19

As mentioned on ClubZap we are starting a “Keepy Uppy” Challenge for all u8, u10 and U12 boys.

You can download the tracking document which you can print at home or simply write out onto a copy book. Get your son to fill out their score as they do it. Don’t worry too much about this…the point is to get the lads doing a bit and most importantly to enjoy it

The idea is that they try and bounce a ball on their Hurley and count how many bounces before it drops Bonus points for ELABORATE flick or turning Hurley between bounces.

Check out this cool video on Youtube to get some ideas. Its really fun!

Might be an idea to use a soft ball like a tennis ball to avoid any damage😂.

We might also get anyone who wishes to send a clip and we will post this on social media. For now its time to practice and will post soon how to upload your videos.

Any queries feel free to message me. Thanks, Tomas Ryan.

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